A Highly Rated Middle School with Safe Environment and Strong Leadership

Where is Liberty Middle School?

Liberty Middle School is a highly rated school. Its students perform above the state average in both math and reading.

It is a warm and safe environment. Teachers say they trust the founding principal Kaia Nordtvedt and feel supported by her leadership. They also love working there compared to the rowdy IS 302 they came from.


The school provides several options for parent vehicle drop-off and pick-up. Parking passes are available for purchase through SIS ParentVUE. Student parking rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Students and drivers who violate the rules may be subject to fines, tickets, towing of vehicles, suspension of driving privileges, and school disciplinary action. Students are not allowed to store their vehicles in the parking lot during the school day or loiter in them.

Liberty Middle/High School opened in 2013 as one of two schools to replace the rowdy IS 302. Its founding principal, Kaia Nordtvedt, is a Minnesota native who has a passion for serving underprivileged kids. Teachers who work there say they trust her and feel supported. They also like the school’s orderly atmosphere, which they say makes them more productive. They report that word is spreading about the positive changes at Liberty. They are even sending their own children there. The school also offers interscholastic sports programs.

Bus Routes

LCSD has partnered with transportation provider Rolling V Bus Corp to help parents/guardians have piece of mind when it comes to knowing where the children’s buses are. This free mobile application allows you to track your child’s bus route and timetable through a search of your address. Instructional videos can be found on the website along with a FAQ and support page.

Generally, school buses are routed on main thoroughfares so as not to block traffic and prevent congestion. As such, the school cannot accommodate requests for special bus routes to dead-end streets or cul-de-sacs.

Students are expected to be at their assigned bus stop five minutes prior to their “normal” pick-up time and remain at the stop until the bus departs. Riding the bus is a privilege and consistent or serious infractions could result in loss of transportation riding privileges. In addition, the school reserves the right to use video cameras on board its vehicles.

Bus Stops

Students are required to be at their bus stop five minutes before their normal pick up time. If a student is consistently late in getting to the stop, they will receive a referral that addresses the issue. Consistent or serious infractions may result in loss of transportation riding privileges.

In order to ensure safe and efficient bus transportation, home stops are not allowed. Stop locations are selected based on safe walking distances and the ability to keep buses moving to and from the school. Buses will not stop in front of homes, except for designated home stops for special needs students.

Middle school students at Cedarcrest, Heritage and Marysville are provided direct transportation to and from school at the neighborhood bus stops. 10th Street Middle School students are also served at their neighborhood bus stops. Click HERE to view routes.


Liberty Middle School offers a variety of activities that allow students to extend their academic learning. The school’s library has a collection of books for students to borrow and use during class. However, if a student loses or damages a book, they will be charged for it. These charges can be paid online or in person.

The school’s classrooms are organized into team centers that focus on core subjects. These include math, science, social studies/history, language arts, and related arts (band, art, study skills, introduction to foreign cultures, and health/PE). The school also offers Spanish and French as classes.

Compared to similar districts, liberty middle school spends less on per-pupil costs. Its teacher ration is 11:1. In addition, students at the school are predominantly Hispanic. In 2021-2022, it served 518 students in grades 6 – 8.

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