Middle School 890 in Brooklyn, MS

Middle school 890 believes that students are most well-equipped for the career landscape if they are passionate about learning and committed to their talents. That is why their academic program uses project-based, interdisciplinary units.

The school also offers “learning academies” and SPARK classes, which are extensions of the regular curriculum in subjects like Lego robotics, software engineering, and exercise.

The School-Wide Enrichment Model

The school-wide enrichment model is an organizational plan that enables students to participate in enjoyable learning experiences that are constructed around their abilities, interests and preferred styles of expression. It also offers acceleration options based on performance or advanced interest (e.g., grade skipping and enrollment in college classes).

Each student will have a scheduled enrichment cohort. These clusters are based on the student’s strengths, teachers’ expertise and content aligned to coursework in the major subject areas. Students will participate in a variety of activities within the cluster including field trips, presentations, speakers, research on real life problems and plays.

The program identifies and addresses student needs by collecting data on student achievement and nonacademic concerns, and using it to inform service referrals. The information gathered is entered into the City Connects student support system that enables coordinators to efficiently connect students with community agencies. This process also allows coordinators to look at the aggregated data across their schools to identify trends in student needs and community services available.

The Academic Program

Located in Brooklyn, MS 890 is an above average, public school serving 285 students in grades 6-8. Its teacher:student ratio is 10 to 1. This new school opened in 2017.

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EDUC 466. Pedagogy of Teaching in the Middle Grades. 3 Credits. Restricted to students admitted to the middle grades teacher education program. Introduces students to the field of middle-grades pedagogy, including student-centered learning, learning community formation, and professional development in contexts of academic achievement and social equity.

The Community

Whether it’s a community of students or a community of writers, a strong sense of belonging is important to the success of any group. Having a strong sense of community is one way to make sure that all students are engaged in their studies and feel supported by their peers.

The television series Community aired from 2009 to 2014. Created by Dan Harmon, the show followed a study group at Greendale Community College. The program incorporated a variety of styles, including meta influences and parodies, and often featured guest stars. Despite a low rating in its early seasons, the show earned critical acclaim and gained a dedicated fan base.

MS 890 encourages a sense of community among its students by offering academic enrichment. These opportunities are called “learning academies” and are designed to allow students to take advanced classes in subjects that are not required in the regular curriculum. They are facilitated by teachers who are experts in the subject area.

The Culture

Middle school is a critical time for developing self-management skills and exploring interests that can affect choices about high school, college and career. Through a wide variety of academic enrichment opportunities, students build their capacities to organize work and study independently, think critically and creatively, work with both peers and adults, and discover talents that influence decisions about future paths.

A community of teachers, students and parents embrace a holistic model that emphasizes respect for each individual’s gifts and talents. Academic learning is framed through projects that challenge students to solve problems in the real world and engage in active exploration of new subjects, skills and disciplines.

MS 890 was created through a state grant to serve the underserved area of Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park neighborhood. It opened in September 2017 and shares a building with PS 889. Its “learning academies” offer advanced coursework in subject areas such as STEM, humanities and arts and languages. Its SPARK classes give teens the chance to explore interests like Lego robotics, software engineering, exercise and cheerleading.

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